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Michael Trojanek
creator and bootstrapper
Vienna, Austria

Build your own Rails server

A step-by-step guide for Rails developers

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Hey there!

I strongly believe in creating sustainable value by teaching and helping people.

For the last decade I have been working fulltime as Linux sysadmin but my entrepreneural heart has always been beating for web development, especially with Rails.

Given my background, I know a thing or two about provisioning servers, deploying Rails applications and managing production environments - subjects that are often neglected in the community, yet are of vital importance for any business.

While deep into bootstrapping my own business I want to help you gaining confidence and expertise in deploying your Rails applications, keeping them running in the wild and shed some light on server management from a Rails developer's point of view.

For this purpose, I have written a free ebook for members of my mailing list, I publish articles with actionable advice for freelancers, small businesses and everyone who is interested and I recently started working on my second book.


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